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Document: Document section allows you to maintain all documents related to Cash/Bank/JV Voucher, Book Printing, Cheque Printing, Sales Bill (Including Tax Invoice, Retail Invoice, Service Tax Bill, Excise Invoice) Challan Printing, Debit Note/Credit Note, Form 402, etc.

Account Report: This section allows to maintain Cash Book, Bank Book, JV Book, General Ledger, Party Statement, Trial Balance, P&L Account, Balance sheet, Interest Calculation, Reconciliation, Receivables/Payable, Daily Report, Negative Cash Book , etc.

Register: Maintaining All Registers of Sales/Purchase, Sales return/Purchase return, Debit Note/Credit Note Periodically and Party-wise, etc.

Tax Summary: This section allows one to maintain Tax Summary, Tax wise Summary, Excise Tax Register/Report, Service Tax Report, Payable TDS Report, TDS Summary, C Form (Pending / Completed List)

Accounting Software covers all the modules listed in the accounting section of ERP software. Over and above, the Accounting Software also includes the module for Stock Report which allows one to maintain Stock In, Stock Out, Stock List, Stock Register, Item Stock Value.