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The CFS Account System software has been produced for the international freight/cargo industry. The software has evolved over a period of 15 years of dedicated research and industry experience. CFS Account System software is capable of meeting all the needs of Indian Custom's procedures and is constantly updated to meet the ever-changing regulatory and operational requirements of businesses involved in the importing and exporting of goods.

The software enables efficient generation and management of Bills/Debit Notes
The software comes with bundles of options for handling transactions such as reimbursement and taxable expenses, freight bills with multi currency calculations, automated calculation of all taxes, printing all such bills in a pre-defined as well as user defined format.

The software can generate various types of registers related to bills, purchases, freights, debit/credit notes and many more.

Account Reports
This module covers generating and maintaining all type of accounting books such as cash book, bank book, JV book, etc. It also facilitates maintaining general ledger, party statements, trial balance, P&L account, balance sheet and many more.

Tax Reports
All the reports such as sales service tax, freight service/purchase tax, monthly sales service tax, TDS reports, FBT calculation reports and many more can be generated by the CFS Account System software in just a few clicks.