This software utilizes various ERP software applications to improve the performance of organizations' resource planning, management control and operational control. It is a multi-module application software that combines activities across functional departments, from marketing, product planning, parts purchasing, inventory control, product distribution to order tracking. On the top of all this, software also consists of application modules for finance and accounting. The catch word of an ERP implementation is its 'speed'. The faster it is implemented, the quicker and better are the advantages and delivery in terms of results. We, at Ray Micro Computer, see to it that these needs are thoroughly taken care of.

Marketing :

Covers all modules related to Indent, Indent Verification, Approval, Pending Indent (Order), Statement of Order, etc.

Production Planning :

Covers all modules related to Inventory, Parts and Product Requirement, Material Estimate, etc.

Purchase :

Covers all modules related to generating Rate Contract / Quotation of Parts, Comparison of Parts/Product Rate, Quality, Issuing Orders, Pending Orders.

Store :

Covers all modules related to Supplying Material to Production Department, Raw Martial Issue to Third party for Machining, Issuing material to production department, Check Third Party Status, Store Stock, Stock List, facility of managing records of received GIR, its Inspection, Bill Checking, Transferring the entries directly to Purchase(Optional), Direct Debit note Generate (Rejection, B/H, CF, Rate Difference, etc.)

Inspection :

Covers all modules related to Inspection of Received Parts, Quality tests, Acceptance/Rejection details, Rejection / BH/ CF Analysis, etc.

Production :

Covers all modules related to Assembled Products, Testing the Products, Outsourced works to the contractors and tracking their progress, etc.

Dispatch :

Covers all modules related to Packing, Dispatch for Ready Invoice (Optional), Ready to Dispatch Details, Gate Pass, etc.

GST Account

GST Account Software ready to use as per GST Rules Live desktop view debitor , creditor, bank / cash balance, sales /purchase and current stock

Document :

Document Section Allows You To Maintain All Documents Related To GST Sales Invoice, GST Debit Note / Credit Note, Challan Print, Material Inward / Outward Challan, Daily Production, Cash / Bank / Jv Voucher, Bank Advance GST Tax Receipt, Cheque Print

Account Report :

This section allows maintaining Cash book, Bank book, JV Book, General Ledger, Client Statement, Trial Balance, Trading Account, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Interest Calculation, Bank Reconciliation, Receivables / Payable, Negative Cash Book


Maintaining all register of sales / purchase register, Debit Note / Credit note Register, Periodically and Client wise, Item wise Sales / Purchase Register etc.


This Section Allow To Maintain Stock List, Stock Register, Maintain In / Out Challan Stock Report And Pending Statement As Client Wise And Item Wise

Tax Summary :

Inward / Outward Gstr 3b Tax Summary, Inward /Outward Moth Wise Tax Summary, Automatic Ready Gstr1 And Convert In Excel Sheet.


The Payroll software is one the latest and most innovative softwares for handling all the Payroll related processes of an organization. The Payroll software comes with all the facilities and modules that are typically needed by the Human Resource Department.

Payroll Module includes :

Pay Slip, Salary Register, Voucher Summary, ESI Register, PF Register, Professional Tax Register, Income Tax Statement, ESI Form No. 6 & 7, Employee PF Form 3A & 6A, Bonus Calculation, etc.