GST Account Software ready to use as per GST Rules

Live desktop view debitor , creditor, bank / cash balance, sales /purchase and current stock

Document :

Document Section allows you to maintain all documents related to GST sales invoice, GST debit note / credit note, challan print, Material Inward / Outward challan, Daily Production, cash / bank / jv voucher, bank advance GST tax receipt, cheque print

Account Report :

This section allows maintaining Cash book, Bank book, JV Book, General Ledger, Client Statement, Trial Balance, Trading Account, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Interest Calculation, Bank Reconciliation, Receivables / Payable, Negative Cash Book

Register :

Maintaining all register of sales / purchase register, Debit Note / Credit note Register, Periodically and Client wise, Item wise Sales / Purchase Register etc.


This Section allow to maintain Stock List, Stock Register, Maintain In / Out Challan Stock report and pending statement as client wise and item wise

Tax Summary :

Inward / Outward Gstr 3b tax summary, Inward /outward moth wise tax summary, Automatic ready Gstr1 and convert in excel sheet.